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bike to work scheme

The cycle to work scheme encourages employees to cycle to work and allows employers to reap the benefits of a healthier workforce.

To promote healthier journeys to work and to reduce environmental pollution, the 1999 Finance Act introduced an annual tax exemption, which allows employers to loan cycles and cyclists' safety equipment to employees as a tax-free benefit.

The exemption was one of a series of measures introduced under the government's 'Green transport plan'. Check with your employer to see if you are eligible.

Tax is complicated; the cycle to work scheme is not. You choose a bike, hire it for an agreed length of time, then snap it up from your employer for a fraction of its original value. Make a note of the scheme provider's details and we will provide you with an estimate up to £1000 for a cycle and safety equipment. Start saving and get healthier in the process!

bike to work scheme