Woodsons Cycles of Stockport

Woodsons Cycles of Stockport Cycle Repairs

General Servicing and Custom Packages

Service Description Charge
Basic recommended every 4-6 months
Adjust brakes and gears, lubricate chain and check drive train for wear, make minor adjustments to wheel spokes and bearings, inspect and inflate tyres. Full safety check. £35.00
Standard recommended every 8 - 12 months
Basic service PLUS:Degrease & service drive train (chain, cassette, chainset & derailleurs) replacing worn parts where necessary. Replace brake pads where necessary. True both wheels and adjust bearings, adjust headset bearings, inspect tyres replacing where necessary and inflating to the correct pressure. £70.00+ parts
Major recommended every 24 months
Standard service PLUS: Bottom bracket, headset and wheel hub service, replacing worn parts where necessary. £99.00+ parts
Custom tailored to individual requirement
Our mechanic will examine your cycle and discuss the level of servicing and repairs with you before starting the work. variable

Boxed Bicycle Assembly

Bicycle wheel size Charge
Pavement Cycle 12" - 16" wheel £19.50
Junior Cycle 18" - 24" wheel £19.50
Adult Cycle 26" - 29" wheel £35.00

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Prices to be used as a guide only.

There WILL be a surcharge for fitting parts purchased elsewhere.

Please see the duty mechanic to discuss pricing further.

We expect all repairs to be collected within a reasonable time frame. Uncollected repairs clutter our workshop and prevent us from working in a safe and efficient manner. We reserve the right to dispose of any uncollected cycles after a period of 6 weeks.

Individual Repair Charges

Description Labour Charge
Fit tyre/tube to Wheel Only £_3.00 per wheel + parts
Fit tyre/tube to Wheel in bike £_7.50 per wheel + parts
Fit tyre/tube to Hub Gear/Electric wheel in bike £15.00 per wheel + parts
Wheel truing £12.50 per wheel
Spoke replacement & true £17.50 per wheel + parts
Spindle/Bearing Replacement £12.50 per wheel + parts
Wheel building £35.00 per wheel + parts
Rim Brake Blocks £_6.00 per brake + parts
Disc Brake Pads £10.00 per brake + pads
Replace cable and adjust £10.00 per brake + parts
Disc Brake Bleed £25.00 per brake inc fluid
Both derailleurs set and adjusted (no parts fitted) £12.50
Rear Derailleur cable fitted & derailleur adjusted from £15.00 + parts
Front Derailleur cable fitted & derailleur adjusted from £15.00 + parts
Replace Chain and cassette £23.00 + parts
Replace Rear Derailleur £17.50 + parts
Replace Front Derailleur £17.50 + parts
Replace Bottom Bracket £27.50 + parts
Fork replacement £35.00 + parts
Headset Replacement £25.00 + parts
Handlebar Replacement MTB £17.50 + parts
Handlebar Replacement Road £30.00 + parts

E-Bike Servicing

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We Service:

Bosch. Shimano. Tranz-x. E-motion

Firmware Upgrade where applicable £20

Fault Diagnosis where applicable £20

Other prices on application

Bosch certified dealer